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Petals in Hope Park
13 August 2012

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Avebury Stones
4 February 2009

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25 September 2008

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Royal Opera House
14 August 2008

Recent Comments

Basile Pesso on Avebury Trees
Once more... Purely excellent.

Basile Pesso on Sunset on Coniston Lake
Pure and excellent again.

Basile Pesso on Boy in water fountain
Excellent B and W/color mix, and great scene and composition.

Basile Pesso on Dew on grass
Pure and excellent.

Basile Pesso on Leaves in winter
Beautifully sad.

Basile Pesso on Wast Water
Magnificent simplicity.

omid on Sunset on Coniston Lake
very nice! so beautiful colors, lights & reflections!

omid on Over Tarn Hows
very nice! Beautiful colors & lights!

omid on Boy in water fountain
so beautiful! Lovely!

omid on Leaves in winter
very nice! so beautiful colors! Lovely!

omid on Trees in snow
so beautiful!

omid on Petals in Hope Park
very nice! Beautiful colors & lights! Lovely!

omid on Wast Water
very nice & so beautiful! Wonderful!

ellebasi on Wast Water
want to go further

Sriram on Leaves in winter
Excellent composition.. great shot!

DarkElf on Leaves in winter
simply a fantastic composition with an excellent DOF! the sharpness and detail are excellent - a lovely shot!

jim on Frosty Morning
lovely image!

Curly on Boy in water fountain
Looks like fun, and if we forgot that he's in a fountain you could easily believe that it was a typical British ...

Fateme on Over Tarn Hows
I love it Great

Hamid Rafiee on Over Tarn Hows
great shot but I'd prefer more contrast.

Jeffster on Frosty Morning
Nice composition and framing.

wwood77 on Frosty Morning
Nice! I really like the natural framing of the tree in the center. Good eye!

romine on Vietnamese Woman #2
nice portrait. you have captured some interesting faces. nice equilibrium regarding the frame. have you tried also a ...

Stunner on Untitled
Nice portrait!!

blistr on Untitled
This face knows what labour is, what it is like to need rather than want, and has given more than she has taken. ...

peter on Untitled
great portrait : )

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